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  “When children cannot return home to their families, child welfare systems must move quickly to find them alternative homes. As time goes by, the prospects for landing in safe, loving, permanent homes grow dimmer for foster youth. Many will simply “age out” of the system when they turn 18, without a family and without the skills to make it on their “In 2014, of the 415,000 children in foster care, more than 18,000 had case goals of emancipation, or aging out after leaving foster care without a permanent family.  

Your Solutions LLC was created in 2005 to impact this statistic by conducting research for young people aging out from the State’s Foster Care System.  Data was gathered with the assistance from twenty young people connected to the foster care system; the project was designed to develop a systematic process/ to network with community resources, program that promotes success skills on an individual basis for this population. Additionally, help these young people understand the value of education and skill development on a personal level as a vehicle to assist them as they transition into productive individuals.


For more information on Your Solutions Foster Care Youth Project, please visit our website: www.yoursolutionsfostercares.info